Monday, January 26, 2009

til now I never knew how life tears you away

Otherwise could be entitled- YAY

herein lies the one satisfying element of scatterbrained-ness.

If I never lost anything I'd never have the immense joy of finding it again.

Yes, I found my keys, hurrah.

In the plastic bag full of stuff from my locker, funnily enough.
I didn't even need to ask my mum to buy pad paper, we have that coming out of our ears too.

I do however need a maths book.

I'm sincerely hoping to get a maths teacher I don't have to despise, it would be awesome.

And maybe I might have motivation to pass with a little more room to breathe.

That would be lovely, having a teacher who I'm not afraid to ask for help.



1 comment:

  1. I dance I dance I dance
    Around the Mexican Hat.
    I dance I dance I dance
    I step on my neighbour's cat.

    Ahh.. year 8 flinders camp...