Monday, January 26, 2009

somewhere safe


Im such a messy little scatter brain.

Damn it gets annoying.

Right at this moment, my keys are sitting somewhere safe.
Not even meant to be safe as in hidden-safe, just where I'd remember where I left them.

However, that was about 10 weeks ago now, before my big overseas trip.

I think I saw them in my old school bag the day before yesterday.

Problem is, they arent in there and I don't know if I moved them, or I dreamt that I found them there.

I do that, silly really.

I dream I've found an object I've been looking for.

And its not like my brain is trying to tell me where it is, cos its always wrong.

Thats how scatterbrained I am, my subconscious cant even remember where I left my keys...




  1. well my recurring dream is talking on msn

    beat that. :D

  2. I've actually had dreams where all throughout the thing its like the orange alert thing is flashing just at the bottom of my field of vision then when i go to focus on it I can't see it.

    Kinda weird