Saturday, January 10, 2009


I love my mum.
Just something random.
She's so silly and very embarassing, but I love that she's un-embarassable, so I can tell people the hideously funny things she says and she doesnt give a damn.
I love that.
For example, she thinks my friend should adopt reginald as his middle name, just in case it didnt sound english enough already.
She says silly things some times and at the time it makes the blood drain down to and I swear out of my feet, but she never bats an eyelash and in truth they're really really funny, she is always good for a laugh.
The other funny thing is the fact that she picks on her older sister for being a worry wart like their mother, but she is just as bad.
And unfortunately the female family trait has made its way down to me, and now I do the gaspy thing too.
Of course it doesnt help that I nearly drop things every 6.93 seconds...

also, she doesnt care that I like to sit on the shed roof and have my room a mess or that I'm generally a freak. I guess I'm freaky in the same way she is.
We are very alike but lately everytime I say something about me being the same as her, or about how alike we are, she says 'nah, you are yourself, your own person'. I think shes ashamed to be my mum lol ;) jk

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