Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Here I go round the not-so-merry-go-round...again

So here I am again.
Back to liking a guy I liked for a little while in year 8!! Full circle?
Oh I certainly hope not, I don't plan to be repeating unmentionable mistakes, thats for certain...

And here we are again, you and I.
We like the same guy, or we maybe like the same guy. But you beat me to spitting it out, so does that mean you beat me to him? Again?

Its so silly, that I can line up circumstances where this has happened, none of them your fault.
Like unmentionable number two. You stole him from me.
Saying it that way is awful...oops.

It was not your fault, not in any way.

No-one made him choose, he created the choice for himself and chose you over me.

Then unmentionable number three, we both liked him, everyone knew, he liked you.
You went out, it got painful, I tried to help you hold the bits together.

Now here we are, and you don't even know.
But by the time you're reading this you will.

Cos its a bit duh.
Ok, a lot duh.

Oh well.

She won't tell me whats going on. I think its just that we are getting a little cliquey and she feels shut out... But she mentioned something teeny tiny weeny and TOTALLY insignificant and irrelevant about him. That he wouldn't care what I told him unless he liked me.

Oh dear she should not have said that...

its planted that type of paranoia that is more like wishful thinking...

just the teensiest little seed of a possibility I had not considered...

oh dear...

round and round the not-very-merry-go-round...

yet again




  1. hang on...Michael...? when did ben come into this...?
    ~epic confuzzled~

  2. leisha, honey.
    I love you.
    dont use them.