Friday, January 16, 2009

if only i could promise forever

I wanna call your name, forever
And you will always answer, forever
And both of us will be
Forever you and me
Forever and ever

I wanna stay like this, forever
If only I could promise, forever
hen we could just be we
Forever you and me
Forever and ever

Forever and ever
Is a very long time Pooh
Forever isn't long at all, Christopher
When I'm with you

I wanna be with you, forever
I want you right here beside me, forever
One thing you should knowNo matter where I go
We'll always be together
Forever and ever

if only I could promise true.

I'm out here in the dark
All alone and wide awake
Come and find me
I'm empty and I'm cold
And my heart's about to break
Come and find me
I need you to come here and find me
'Cos without you I'm totally lost
I've hung a wish on every star
It hasn't done much good so far
I can only dream of you
Wherever you are

I'll hear you laugh
I'll see you smile
I'll be with you
Just for a while

But when the morning comes
And the sun begins to rise
I will lose you
Because it's just a dream
When I open up my eyes
I will lose you
I used to believe in forever
But forever's too good to be true
I've hung a wish on every star
It hasn't done much good so far
I don't know what else to do
Except to try to dream of you
And wonder if you are dreaming too
Wherever you are

childrens movies shouldnt be so ridiculously depressing...
so here we are, ADD1 and its uhh...
worrying I suppose.
Its very odd to be comforting one while the other is like 2 metres away...
very very odd
and then the third one needs some too.
Im more than happy to give it but its just so...
it makes me stare at people at frown at them, just slightly.

Just enough to make them wonder why the hell im looking at them so much and so weirdly...

I dunno, but its my worried face i suppose, not panic worry, concern worry.
I have that coming out of my ears, now its tainted with panic i think...
as they sit together a little too closely and now theyve gone outside to talk and
but i hav to trust her, that she knows why she cant and what will happen if she both of them
oh dear


1 comment:

  1. Firstly. That is a stupid stupid song and if i'd remembered that that one and the other one were in that move no way in hell would we have been watching it.

    Secondly, stop with the concerned worry at me. it creeps me out. sorry. lol i love you ... really. (i do i do)

    And thirdly. You know, that i know that i cannot and will not go back there. You know that i want to. You know that he wants to. All of us know that we both fucking well want to.

    But we cant.

    And we wont.

    I've had to lose him once, even if he still wants to be good friends, we can't be anything like what we were.

    I've had to break him once. And i will not be the one to do it again.