Saturday, January 10, 2009

i have realised something.

its incredibly difficult to try and convince someone of something that you know is true but have trouble believing yourself.

Saying 'just trust' 'just have faith'. I suppose I do know in my heart that it will work, I also know I'm not very good at it myself.

I have an instruction manual of sorts, and I think I figure things out pretty well. I can never find the right switches and buttons though...

what day is it??
I think its saturday but it doesnt feel like saturday.
Been camping for a week, havent been to church since i got home and so sundays dont feel like sundays and weeks dont feel like they end or begin.

Its like how school weeks meld together, but more uhh...more-er-er.


I'm screwed, going a year without practising my writing skills and then jumping into english studies? I cant even think of words now!
oh well...


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  1. Ello.

    Here is a comment.

    From me.



    I have to pee.

    So I'll brb.