Monday, January 19, 2009

its started again

usually when I title something that, its bad.
For once it is a good thing!

And there was much rejoicing -yaaaaay-
lol, fortunately I have not been forced to eat any minstrels, but it is Big Week Out, you never know what could happen!

Actually, musician eating would be very very unfortuante, seeing as I am one :S
So yeah, spent today (midday onwards) at music practice and then 'sitting in' (eavesdropping :P) on the leaders meeting, cutting up fabric for headbands for games, carrying a couch and grocery shopping.

Basically, I had no way of getting home after practice, so I just chilled at marion church of christ (the base for big week out).

Which, by the way is this 'heaps good' (lol, injokes already) volunteer community service thing that runs for a week, with four bases around the city of adelaide, a christian youth thing.
Utter fantastic heaps-goodness, beautiful people and we get to be out in the community and show people that not all teenagers 'scare the living shit out of me' lol.

I hate mychem, why did I do that?

Its great and this year I get to be on the music team, hurrah!

And already there are injokes, like jeremiah and hats of shame and baldy. And of course open circle and say gday, in fast forward, half speed and also backwards. hehe.

And of course MC luvburger.

Can't wait til tomorrow :D :D :D :D


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