Thursday, January 15, 2009

Make me believe again that this is the life for me

I have a something for Kate song in my head. "my tired eyes come crashing down, down to fall, fall at our feet, fall at our feet again, setting us free, setting us free and then, make us believe, make us believe again, that this is the life for you and me"

surely not.
Surely this isnt it...

We must have missed the mark.
It feels wrong to have to have days like today, unkind, unfair, unyielding days of endless comforting and talking and maybe crying and hugging and I'm not even gonna cop the worst of what will be dished out today.

We are all lying to one another!
Well, lying to one particular person.

And now I'm getting pissed off at someone else. Well, a little. Mostly at me and at humans and at the world because WE DO SUCH STUPID THINGS THAT FEEL SO WONDERFUL AND END SO TERRIBLY TERRIBLY BADLY.

I said it.
people suck, mistakes suck.


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