Monday, January 26, 2009

iiini miiini mihni moh

To pick a camp to miss...

I don't know if I could ever pick a whole camp.

I could create an ideal one in my head, a collage of all my school camps sorta mixed and matched to fit me and my mood.

I think it would be in KI, cos it was so beautiful, but with a much longer bus ride to allow for much chilling. And we would alternate between the type of accomodation we had in flinders and the canberra rooms.

Or maybe just put a TV in the flinders room, and nicer beds and helium balloons.

Then there would be all the good social bits from all of them, a blending of each atmosphere.

Food from KI, with one exception- readily available peppermint tea and muesli bars from canberra.

I cant decide which atmosphere I liked the most...

Flinders was so electrically hyper and busy, Canberra similar and KI was so... set in stone.
Some of us were concrete set in our chillery, others in animosity.

That animosity (along with my own ridiculous maternal ness) pushed me out of my chillery a few times.

That can go into the 'parts of camps I never want to see again'

Along with unmentionable whatever number he was. Three?
I think it was three.


Number two... Would those moments stay or go?

Not that I would change them, but I don't know if I would enjoy revisiting, it would just be so weird.

And probably not good for my mental health...




  1. Thinking about those school camps nearly makes me cry.

    Because I can never have the, back.

    And I did't appreciate them while they lasted.

  2. And we dont get one this year!

    ~bursts into tears~