Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a last hoorah

There, I must now make sure that I don't type or say hoorah until tomorrow morning, when I will be sixteen.
So thats the last hoorah for fifteenage.

And tomorrow I will spend my birthday giving a teensy speech, talking to my teachers and feeding them cake, and bleeding.
Bleeding on purpose, with a needle, to save three lives. Huzzah! (not a hoorah, a huzzah, different :D)

And it's big week out, how could I be any happier anywhere else?

I actually spent a whole 5 hours not thinking about any unmentionable things!


Like, just !!!

And I don't care if I lose anymore, I probably should.

Forty six paper planes stuck in my brain, forty six stuck paper planes...

or maybe forty five now.
I think forty five.


1 comment:

  1. hey i hardly thought about my particular unmentionBLE THING TOO! whoops... caps... sorry....

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! intentional caps that time lol.

    Love you muchly.