Monday, January 12, 2009

never thought I'd ever say this

I never thought I would ever say this
Yay!! Its monday!!! Hurrah!
Normally I hate mondays, because I have to put up with every single teacher I have, and its such a busy day for me, I usually don't get home until 5:15 from choir, which is gay.
I don't mind choir, but I don't like spending the whole day knowing I won't get home until five.
Thats gay.
Not like gay gay, like stupid gay!
But at least I never have to work on monday nights.
Anyway, I like this monday because I'm going to colonnades.
Which also sounds like a weird reason to be happy lol.
I am going to colonnades with hammy and leish and we will see madagascar two! yay!
It is very exciting, and I shall also possibly catch up with other people who might be around.
Also yay!

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