Wednesday, November 11, 2009

you're the field in the middle of the city

Dear everyone who ever expected anything of me.

Shove it.

In other news, I am undeniably going to fail this maths exam on friday.
Like, not even a question.
And I beg you, for crying out loud, don't tell me I will be fine and do better then I think.
I ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS do worse.

I am not good at maths.

repeat, since you seem to learn this slowly.


Sorry to have disappointed you, but thats the truth of the matter.
And whats that I hear?
You want to tell me I'm self handicapping, and should think positively?

just to reiterate, so you can learn using classical conditioning through repetition,

shove. it.

and if you stop telling me I'm not going to fail, maybe I'll reward you, by using negative reinforcement by removing the unpleasant stimulus that is my presence .
because, looking at that practice exam, I don't remember a single thing.
It looks like chinese to me.
And we all know how much attention I paid in chinese...

PS OH LOOK THE QUEEN! Imjustgonnagocutsomedumplingswithscissorsnowkthxbai


  1. please tell me youre not threatening what i think youre threatening. even jokingly...

  2. No, I'm fairly sure she's implying that she'll cut some dumplings with some scissors.

  3. Ok you asked, here we go:

    You suck at maths and I mean succcckkkk. So bad. Yes really. I can not believe you would even do the subject, what's wrong with you! I just wouldn't rock up to the exam.

    But here's a fact you can't escape honey:

    Aimee hearts you big time.

    (p.s. I don't really know how you are at maths, so half of my comment so doesn't count)