Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the ringing in your ears might be the sound of thought

Going to movie premiers dressed as characters from the wrong series.
e.g. Dumbledore at new moon, Hobbit/elf witch at harry potter.
etc, etc

option a) look sad and awkward
b) shout out comments relevant to your costume/character/the wrong movie


  1. good luck with not getting killed or bashed up lovey.

  2. Leisha: You have no courage :P. jk, I'm just so desperate to look like a give a damn at this silly premier... maybe I'll take a HP book and read it with a torch. Do I care too much about looking like I don't care? oh dear...

    Jacynta: Your comment hurts my head much less. Cheers :). Wanna come with?? :D