Monday, November 2, 2009

I love it when you feel like getting nasty

Louise Jesshope
jelly this is ridiculous :P
a) we should both be studying
b) I should be asleep
c) we are talking on two different post comments
d) I want to build a tree out of wooden furniture... Read More
e) I want to buy a table and chair set, paint them pretty and take them around places and take pictures. then leave them somewhere awesome.
f) I have a banana and pineapple smoothie, with lime and coconut on top.
g) I'm wearing my primary school pedal prix top
h) i have a fancy new colourful belt
i) I'm not wearing any shoes and I don't have to until midday tomorrow.
j) frank woodley is hilarious
k) matt preston reminds me of mr clark
l) you'd better still be reading this at this point :P
m) I have an iPod
n) I wanna go to vietnam again
o) I wanna go to africa!
p) my iPods name is fran, like in blackbooks
q) if you havent seen blackbooks, I will educate over the holidays
r) you need to watch a very potter musical
s) after you watch a very potter musical, you will understand why I think malfoy is awesome
t) also after you watch AVPM, you will understand why I have a crush on voldemort
u) voldemorts name isnt tom riddle, its joe walker
v) voldemort ♥ zefron
w) david tennant=amazing
z) :P

Catherine Bennett
a) i did an english exam today. i get a break. you go study :)
b) sleep is overrated
c) it's coz we're awesome
d) hell to the freaking yes. i shall help.
e) sounds good. we should leave them on someone's doorstep... Read More
f) i'm jealous
g) i'm wearing my awesome clan hoodie shazz bought me :D
h) yay! i have a ghostbusters belt :D
i) i am wearing socks. felt like you needed to know that ;D
j) i agree. so are hamish and andy
k) i googled. and i agree lol
l) i read the whole thing :D
m) me too!!!
n) i know someone who lives in vietnam :)
o) that would be fairly awesome
p) my iPod doesn't have a name. i did get a toy cow today and i called it angus though lol
q) um. yeah..
r) i shall tomorrow
s) i already think malfoy is awesome. don't ask me to explain coz i can't lol
t) bahaha
u) i knew it!!
v) ahahaha. this actually made me LOL
w) he has crazy eyes... but other than that, i agree
z) :D xx

Louise Jesshope
a) diddums :P and no, I'm having too much fun :P
b) no it isnt!
c) true, now we are having 26 conversations at once :D
d) sweet, goes onto the holiday list
e) I was thinking we could take picks of us sitting on them like, at the beach, and in the city and maybe in a tree... then we shall nail them to the ceiling somewhere :D... Read More
f) damn right, but its gone now...
g) sweet
h) sweet, my sister has a glow in the dark belt with ghosts on it, jay jays all 3 of us I think
i) mmmk
j) i agree, so is paul mcdermott
k) i meant in the way he talks, he rambles like mr clark
l) god its taking a long time to write this...
m) mines purple
n) so do I! lets go visit them both
o) yes, yes it will
p) wicked. :D I also I have a hiking pack named melman
q) ill take that as a 'yes, i need educating'
r) sweeeeet
s) please explain!
t) im serious lol
u) i know!
v) im glad :D
w) lol, great hair and smile and stuff
z) forever

Catherine Bennett
a) haha i know right
b) for the purpose of this conversation, it is
c) hehehe
d) yay! you have to help me decorate :D
e) i'll bring the hammer ;D... Read More
f) aw D:
g) i thought so lol
h) yus. jayjays = win
i) :D
j) i'm funnier ;D
k) yush. i googled to find out who he was. then i realised i knew who he was.
l) no joke. i keep forgetting my alphabet xD
m) mine's black and in desperate need of a new cover...
n) pack your bags. we're leaving in the morning ;)
o) which part of africa?
p) i have a frog named preston and i cleaned his tank out earlier lol
q) maybe...
r) just set it to download overnight :D
s) i can't. i don't even know. he's just... malfoy xD
t) i'm scared.
u) i'm just that awesome
v) yay!
w) he does have nice hair...
y) YOUR CAFE <> win
i) lolz. i had to go through 3 levels of 26 part convo to understand that...
j) lol, at the moment I can say that this convo has made me laugh more than GNW, and that is massive.
k) ah, sweet
l) me too! we are too similar lol
m) lol
n) oh dude, one day ASAP that will be true. once im done with school. stuff blowing my $$ on alchohol at schoolies, lets go travelling
o) Uganda, I have a sponsor child there
p) sweet as lol
q) its hilarious, trust me.
r) oh mad, post on my wall the SECOND its finished
s) lol, i cried in whatever number it is that hes working for the bad guys and crying cos hes gonna die or whatever lol, when moaning myrtle is all like 'there there'
t) i had to go back to the beginning for that one lol, and absolutely no joke! he's damn hot and a great character and yeah, you'll see... Read More
u) yes, yes you are. so is joe walker
v) again, back to the second one. and yay also
w) and good shoes
x) lol. we should have alphabet convos regularly :D
z) so, we are all set to: paint furniture and nail it to the ceiling, watch black books, listen to this song, re-watch and talk about a very potter musical. should keep us busy for the plane to vietnam!

**I have to go to bed now, feel free to comment back but I won't reply til tomorrow
ily jelly :)

Catherine Bennett
a) that's good then. i can now sleep soundly.
b) haha i shall. watching people freak out makes me laugh lol
c) glad you agree
d) yes for real room deco. i'm repainting, ripping stuff out and buying new furniture. totally pumped ;D
e) haha sounds like a plan... Read More
f) you better make me one next time lol
g) i had to scroll up to work out what we were talking about. i'm still wearing it lol
h) agreed. but i hate the way they set their music out in JBs. genres annoy me so much. everything should be alphabetized... don't get me started on this rant haha
i) haha me too... wow this is confusing lol
j) haha. i have no idead what GNW is (and i'm way too lazy to work it out...), but yay!
k) yuhuh
l) yay! i'm not the only one xD
m) listening to it now :D
n) sounds awesome!
o) snap. if i went, i'd want to go over with invisible children or something similar. plus, it'd be amazing to just see how they live...
p) not really. he smelt bad lol
q) haha okay
r) i'm hell excited now. it better be good lol
s) yeah.. me too. but i cry in almost every movie...
t) still scared lol
u) baha. the name joe walker makes me laugh...
v) haha. yeah.. there is a lot of scrolling involved in these things... lol
w) can't say i looked at his shoes that much..
x) YES! this is awesome lol
z) sounds damn good to me. add in numerous outings to IKEA and a hell of a lot of paint fights and we have ourselves a pretty damn awesome set of holidays coming up :D

night night. ly2 xx

Louise Jesshope
a) thats good, I cant. im in bed and still doing this silly thing on my tiny laptop cos its too fun
b) lolz. you should have taped yourself over the year then :P
c) C has become pointless lol
d) oh sweet as. I am SO there. even if you don't want me :P. you should see my room, it is rad. I have a whole wall covered in drawings n stuff. its blue and has a strip of wallpaper with smiling flowers on it. oh and its a giant mess :)
e) indeed it does :) but whose ceiling? oh dude, mr clarks room :D epic lolz... Read More
f) ok, when we do all that stuff, we can have smoothies. I have a book with recipes :D
g) im in my pjamas, in my bed :D
h) thats a good point, but you can't argue with price, range, or service as good as theirs.
i) yes, very confuzzling.
j) GNW is good news week. im amazed shaz hasnt told you lol, its funny
k) see c (RHYMING)
l) :)
m) me too :d
n) aye it does, I can't wait to go back to all my favourite spots. but random things I can only remember, like old Vietnamese guys giving me crystalised ginger on a coach bus cos its good for travel sickness. didnt speak a word of english, but very sweet.
o) yeah, and the whole ideaof it just excites me sooo much
p) lol, like your face
q) its 'totally awesome' lolz. i cant wait til you get that lol
r) lol, you should be excited! im excited!in fact, i might watch some on my iPod :) again lol
s) lol, i meant book :P :P I nearly cried in scorpion island the other day (kids survivor type show, LAME)
t) lol. again, can't wait til you get it. -envies bellatrix lestrange-
u) randomlol
v) yes, yes there is.
w) as the doctor, various dif connies that go with dif suits n stuff
x) :D :D and all cos I just wanted to do a really long winded 'my cafe>your cafe'
z) oh dude, sweet as. when we went, I said to my sister 'how funny would it be if we set all the egg timers to dif times' and we just looked at each other and grinned, and did it! one of those moments when you say 'how funny would it be if' and then do it and it really is funny!
good times behind, good times right now, good times ahead :D
now I really should get off failbook and sleep.
sleep good jelly :)

and you thought that was hard to follow lol. it was much harder in real life, but also much funner.

in conclusion
a) study/having too much fun
b) sleep
c) awesomeness of 26 part convo
d) furniture tree/holiday list/decorating
e) fun with furniture
f) smoothie/lack of smoothie/promise of future hypothetical smoothie
g) clothing
h) belts/jay jays/jb hi fi/genre vs alphabetical
i) bare feet vs socks/being confused
j) funny people
k) matt preston & mr clark, same person?
l) forgetting of alphabet
m) iPods
n) vietnam
o) africa
p) things with names
q) blackbooks education
r) a very potter musical
s) unexplainable awesomeness of malfoy
t) crush on voldemort
u) joe walker (and crush on/hotness)
v) voldemort <3>

the holidays are gonna be rad :D :D :D
lol, I said rad

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