Monday, November 9, 2009

what if there was no time...

A wish list...

1. A little place of my own, close to where I work, study, worship, close to friends.
2. Or even, a bigger place, shared with said people. Three or four of, a nice community thingo. So that I only have to do one chore all the time. Dear future roomates, SHOT GUN DOING THE LAUNDRY :)
or a combination of the two over the years.
3. The kind of place where I can just say 'yeah sure, come right over, make yourself at home. Sure, stay for dinner! Sure, stay the night! Midnight cookie dough? sure thing!' A place for me to be wicked hospitable, to always have guests coming out, the type of guests who care about my company and having fun, not spotlessness.
4. Somewhere to watch the sunset.
5. Somewhere to watch the sunrise, when I manage to get up for it.
6. Somewhere close to a coffee shop.
7. The kind of job I can go to only during the day, work with people who make me smile and laugh, work hard but not so fast I feel like my hair is gonna fly off and the kinda place I can leave feeling like I did what I was meant to. Work to do well and leave there.

Overall, the kind of life when I could wake up, not know what day it is until I open a diary, realise everything is all laid out and going to go swimmingly, and go through the day not needing to know what time it is, just being full immersed in whatever I'm doing.

The kind of life that is great just the way it is, the kind of life that good things just happen to. Good people don't need to be searched for, they just kind of arrive through different ways.
A life of spontaneity, contentment, creativity and closeness with God.

The kind of life that doesn't leave me looking to the future and wondering about husbands and children and all that stuff that is great when you have it, but terrible when you are too aware of not having it.

I want the future to just kind of roll on in, I don't want to sit here waiting for it.
I don't want to sit here waiting for my man.

I want to live.


  1. the life you want sounds good..
    especially the part about midnight cookie dough! (possibly add in some random driving your sisters friends to get some chinese at 1 in the morning as well and your life-as well as mine will be perfect :D)
    but anyways....don't stress too much about the future, god has an awesome plan for everyone

  2. Thanks, I think so too, funnily enough.

    And its a deal, can't wait to get my Ps :D :D :D
    Its gonna be rad lol.
    Rad and random...

    You are quite wise for a youngin :)

    I think the coolest thing about this, is that its sort of coming true, except the practical things, I am slowly learning to not really give a damn about boys.

    I think one day I'll be struck by lightning and find the right guy to be my amazing husband and the father of my kids and whatnot, but I'm not gonna go looking for it anymore.

  3. in response to your wishlist:

    1. that sounds nice. kinda exactly what i want too

    2. but the housework is my job.... -cries- i want to do it. lol. why do you want the laundry anyway? that includes hanging it out, bringing it in, ironing, folding, putting away(!!!) (you know that thing that you're not very good at doing? :P)

    3. i guess im not invited.......... how about if i clean for you? :P

    4. pretttty

    5. pretttty

    6. yes, that is a requirement. for you and for me lol. you know im thinking i should actually like... buy a coffee machine... lol. like a proper one. not one of the crappy little one cup coffee mqachines, but a full on big one. one of the real ones... i figure it'd save me money in the long run. besides, then i'd have coffee on hand all the time. it'd be great, no?

    7. i just want a job that interests me... and that i'll enjoy... and that wont take too much of a toll on the rest of my life... i just don't know what job that would be.

  4. 1. I know right!

    2. a) cos I like doing the laundry, its zen. And you can do a bit (eg put it on) and leave it for a while. b)ironing? No way! If you need to iron, you aren't hanging it out well enough. Ask my mum lol

    3. You don't need to be invited, you'll be living with me :)

    4&5. I know right!

    6. sounds AMAZING! and we can sell some to our many guests :D

    7. fair nuf lol

  5. i wish i felt like that....boys are too confusing and should go die in a hole. one day they're in love with you and the next they don't want to talk to you.

    it's odd.

    i think you might possibly need to get a car before you can drive us everywhere, just because your parents might not want you driving their car around at 1 in the morning looking for late night chinese shops.....

  6. 1. pretty much

    2. some clothes can use an iron anyway. it depends what you own.

    3. good, it shall be clean then. :)

    4&5. yup :D

    6. so we're going to charge people for us to make them coffee....? ok. :D

    7. yeahh.... lol