Sunday, November 29, 2009

watching hastiness unfold

I forgot.

I simply can't believe that I forgot that.
I mean...shit!

(before I get any further IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT ITS MY FAULT IM THE ONE WHO SAID ID BE THERE AND THEN I FORGOT IF ID REMEMBERED WE WOULD BOTH HAVE GONE AND THERE WOULD BE NO ISSUE. wow, I don't think I needed caps for all of that, I didn't deliver it that passionately in my head lol)

I know you'll never read this, cos I don't think you even know that this blog exists.
But..please reply to my text, or... I dunno, something.

Please don't hate me?

Honestly, I don't think you could hate me, just because you are too good a soul to hold any hate in you. But you could be mad... and why wouldn't you be?

In other, more happy news

Today we picked out, payed for, dragged home, carried in, stood up and decorated the crap out of this years chrissy tree.
I must say, it looks rad. (wow, the girl who helped her dad carry that thing in must be buff as ;) )

And, my sister and I got to ride in the back of a ute.

And not just any ute, a christmas ute.
Take that.

And I must say, our entrance into and out of the tray of said ute was exceedingly...

ah, thats the word,

good work sis, good work.
Oh and extra good work to mum who got her finger over the lense, very very classy mum :D
And you claim to be a photographer :P
Nah, you take great photos mum, just not great 2-second stupid snapshots, like I am the master of :D
good times.


  1. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
    christmas :D
    do you happen to be wearing my hat that your sister has claimed until i buy her one?

  2. Lol nice work =D.
    Glad to hear you're enjoying your holidays so far...