Thursday, November 26, 2009

im a child of eden...

War of the worlds.
Tom Cruise
Dakota Fanning
Some other guy who looks a lot like he could be Tom Cruise's son.

Alien invasion.
Honestly, nothing cheesy about it.

What this movie does so freakishly well is to highlight the selfish desperation of human nature. The hideousness of of fear and the way it permeates human beings and drives us to horrible, horrible things. And yet, still out of that come moments of what australian popular legend has dubbed 'mateship', a concept I love, but i think they could have picked a word that had a little more weight to it, but oh well.

But overwhelming it, so often, is the unstoppable tidal wave of agony, the coming darkness, the approaching doom, unstoppable.

People talk on and on about the power of love, 'you cannot track it, and you cannot break it with a thousand swords'. But honestly, looking at the nature of human beings...

So often it is fear that is hardest to fight. It grips you by the veins with cold hard hands of menace and we are paralysed.

Two options, freeze or run for your friggin life. And you'll only know if you're running the right way until its too late.

Sorry, I shouldn't write so pessimisticl, but I'm watching the war of the friggin worlds lol, and theres been no happy ending yet, I'm pretty sure it ends ok, I think we have the audio book (used to freak the living daylights out of me listening to it in the dark when i was like, 10 lol).
But yeah, its just at the point where Tom Cruise asks his daughter to sing a lullbay to herself as he blindfolds her, while he goes to deal with the guy who's going totally bonkers and gonna get them all killed, as the music builds up and you can hear all the crap above, and the red weed spreads and....

God Dakota Fanning must be messed up.
No wonder she was so good in new moon lol.

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