Thursday, November 19, 2009

the devil's wheel revolves, but it needs to be re-set

I know that everyone is saying this, fairly constantly at the moment.

its hot.
But due to the fact that my mum is fair awesome, I don't have to walk to work anymore. Which is an epic blessing, cos I'm gonna be hot enough tonight without starting my shift off that way.

I can do it.
Sure, right. I can totally get through my shift without passing out...


It's so close to over, for one more year.
A second last.
I know its more massively sentimental and scary for you guys who have actually finished.
But its like... Like we are standing on either side of a mountain peak.
We're looking up at what we are gonna have to do next year going 'ohmygodkillme'
and you guys get to look back on what you've achieved.
However the metaphor ends at 'its all down hill from here'

And I miss you guys, you twelves. already. And I talk to you on failbook all the time and all that.
And I miss having you around...

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