Wednesday, November 25, 2009

it's a mystery to me, the game commences

Ten Reasons Why I am not your 'average' teen girl.
Sorry to steal your idea Ben :)

1. One of my favourite things to do is watch crappy zombie/horror/sci-fi movies with my dad

2. One of my other favourite things to do is sit on my shed roof and watch the sunset.

3. The other night I stood outside watching the lightning for 45 minutes, eating a chicken burger.

4. I love Doctor Who, Torch-wood and Star-trek

5. I own three neck ties, two jazz hats and a beret. And I wear them. And I'm going to formal as a man.

6. I don't have a boyfriend, and generally I don't care.

7. I love Keith Green, a christian singer and incredible musician from the 80's

8. I'm interested in politics, and I love thinking about the way our culture works, how people think and behave and why, the all pervading nature of hyper-reality and how to escape it.

9. I sing random songs in public, just cos they are stuck in my head, or playing on my iPod.

10. I generally enjoy the company of my little sister and her best friend.

However, I must admit a few things.

10 reasons I am a fairly average teen girl.

1. I own an iPod, and I love it.

2. I have 4evr by the Veronicas, from when I bought it in year 8.

3. I fight with my mum.

4. I eat chocolate or mac 'n' cheese when I get depressed.

5. I buy things impulsively.

6. Sometimes I want a boyfriend so badly it makes me cry.

7. I cry in sappy movies, sometimes in kids shows, if I'm having a really bad day.

8. I am addicted to facebook.

9. I enjoy gossiping, (but I kind of hate that I like it)

10. I talk in the movies.

PS I had sooo much fun with my dear girl last night, going to see new moon.
Your laugh is gorgeous dear, utterly gorgeous :)


  1. That's not stealing, that's evolution lol. Maybe we should turn it into a chain thing that everyone must try?

  2. did you notice the guy sitting next to me laughing at us? so funny lol. it was awesome. had fun last night too chickie.

    ps, jatz, cream cheese and sweet chilli sauce is another good comfort food xD

  3. I feel incredibly special being number 10.
    I also like talking in the movies, as we did in new moon...I also still have the Veronicas on my computer...I basically agree with all of those last sad.

  4. Ben: sweet, rabbit and cindy and everyone else, go do this lol.

    Cindy: yeah I did notice that lol, I do things like that too, I eavesdrop by accident and laugh, and sometimes the people realised lol.

    rabbit :you're welcome dear, I hear you might be here while we decorate our tree, I think this makes you extra officially one of us :) glad to have you, but now I may have to get you a present...