Saturday, November 7, 2009

thats the whole shootin match right there, the whole shittery

There you go, those are what I took the other day.
I must say, I really love them.
I feel like I actually captured the thought I had, and how I felt...


  1. It might be too personal of me to ask, but I'm quite curious to know people interpretation. I mean, I know what they mean, I just kinda want to know how they fit into other peoples heads, how they make you feel or whatever...

    A different perspective I guess

  2. Hope being at the bottom of the glass of water, it's like it's far away, but still in plain sight.
    The peace one looks pretty, but I can't think of what makes it look that way. It just is.
    I've got nothing for justice, lol (there had to be one that I wouldn't get).
    I love how the freedom reflects on the glass. It's almost like it's trying to escape.
    Not sure about the person either.

    I love the ideas behind the hope and freedom ones though. Well, what I get from them.