Monday, November 23, 2009

I don't wanna be a stupid girl...

I took my picture
added glitter
over parts I didn't like

slice that stranger
re-arrange her
into something I might buy

Honest's tough
and not enough
to satisfy this need you grew

Cut and paste
No space I'll waste
found the scissors, where's the glue?

Stick together
won't take weather
never said I did before

does it matter?
winds will batter
I'll be tossed up in this storm

im a faker
you're a breaker
shattered hearts distorted dreams

I pretend
my time I spend
claiming its not how it seems


  1. some of that sounds like its me... i love you...?

  2. Aaaawesome. :) The poetry, not the subject matter, obviously lol.

  3. awesome :)

    i expected the exact same thing in my sisters keeper...i was like nooooooooo don't jump!