Saturday, September 5, 2009

when hope was high and life worth living

What a random day.
Spent this morning warming up and surprisingly not freaking out for solos, played said solo, listened to everyone elses. and they were awesome, by the way.
went to VOC (last lesson ever :D:D:D:D), went to maths and nearly bashed a hole in my desk with my forehead, bummed a ride to youth with my sisters friend. yay.

and then i totally did not spend the last two hours playing with necklace chains, smarties, charms, wool, thread, flour and a camera.

much fun, very much what I felt like.

and twas coupled with PS I love you, which is a great movie.
And I cannot possibly convey how glad I am that the movie voice over didn't end with 'Ps I love you' it (gladly) ended with 'PS, guess what?'
Which made my heart happy, because I was wincing on the inside thinking 'oh gosh here we go, cheesy voice over title mentioning ending'. and then it wasnt.
well, wasnt completely.


Here is a sample of my random photos, i shall hopefully be putting them together in a slideshow or photostory of some kind for the faith love grace comp.
should be sweet.

ok scrap that. i will hopefully get it up later.
when i hop on a computer that has windows, or just adobe or irfanview as i now have those mixed up in my head.

and i accidentally opened picasa. now it wont close.

help me save me?

god im tired...

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