Tuesday, September 29, 2009

this sweet madness...

I want to ask you stupid questions.
I want to ask you what type of cereal you like, whether you like vegemite, whether you drink tea or coffee, whether you want to stay in adelaide or move away, I want to know if you wanna be a dad, and if so how many kids and have you ever wondered what you'd name them?
I wanna know your favourite movie and your least favourite TV show.
I wanna know what advertising jingle makes you want to punch babies, or if you're too chilled to give a damn, or if you don't even watch much TV.
I want to know what kind of old person you wanna be, or if you've even ever thought of it.
I wanna know your favourite season, your favourite time of day, your favourite type of tree.
You favourite flower.

I wanna know what kind of questions you'd ask me.
I wanna know if you've noticed what colour my eyes are, or the state of my favourite shoes.
I wanna know who you'd ask if I like you... If you wanted to know.
I wanna know if you'd ask my dads permission
I wanna know if you'd protect me from blowflies and staircases.
I wanna know what kind of a car you'd dream of having.
I wanna know what kind of car you'd imagine me driving.
I wanna know if the idea of me driving scares you, or makes you laugh, or if you even give a damn.
I wanna know if you can imagine me driving kids (ours?) to football, or netball.
I wanna know if you can imagine drinking tea with me on the morning of my eighty seventh birthday.

I wanna know if you would put the sauce bottle in the pantry or the fridge.
And if you'd change to the pantry just for me...

I wanna know if I'm weird for thinking of all of this stuff..

i am sitting here inside my heart armour, too small for it now, bashing against the walls.
screaming, begging for somebody, anybody to let me out.
I wish it could be you beautiful angels, but like an idiot, I decided to narrow the criteria, just a LOT too much...


  1. Sorry I guess that rules me out. The sauce goes in the fridge...

  2. Am I the only who who doesn't know who this who is about? Good luck. Cute questions. But I thought questions were my thing :P