Monday, September 14, 2009

nothing to do and there's nothing to say...

Well, we've had 'so you think you can dance' and 'so you think you can mime'
I have a new one
'so you think you can survive highschool'
or maybe 'so you think you can survive adolescence'
or even 'so you think you can make it'.

we should put signs that say that on the doors of the very first year twelve assembly.

im scared.

im scared ill fail year twelve, do nothing with my life and die alone.

im scared that every ministry event I try to organise in my entire life will be a flop, that nobody will come and i will sit in my church hall, surrounded by cupcakes and biscuits set up beautifully on tables, all alone.

And as I sit there crying, the food slowly decomposes and the room is full of blowflies. giant blowflies...

the end.

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