Sunday, September 13, 2009

if you feel that way now or if you ever feel so inclined

today was our first event for our new ministry, bridges.
as in bridging the generation gap.
it went so well, people actually came!
and it wasn't just awkward silence!
and they actually had a good time!

im so excited for the next event.

yeah, im only blogging cos i told lauren i would :P

also, second edit of my thing that i wrote at two o clock in the morning.

An intoxicating breeze swirls in from the north west as if to ask for a dance, carrying with it the soothing smell of jasmine as we two lie together, listening to the sounds of summer.

I turn my head to the left and note the time, 0:00.
'Look at that...right in this moment, time is nothing.'
and we lie there, soaked in warmth and contentment, purely existing for that one incredible moment, watching the clock tick over to 0:01, and a new day.

better? i like it better...

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