Tuesday, September 8, 2009

haven't you heard?

i have nothing to say.
but i love alice in wonderland.
if that helps.

at all.

and i should write some more...

some more of my story that is...

In other news, i love the prince of egypt.
Did you know that the voice of the pharoh rameses is the same guy who does voldemort.

i think this is hilarious, and i announced it to my vet class, who agreed.

and they have the same haircut.


im just picturing moses shouting 'LET MY PEOPLE GO!!!' and rameses just says 'uh...no! AVADA KEDAVRA!!!!!'

and boom, no more passover feast for me, no more ridiculous amount of parsley, or horseradish. or grapejuice, which would be sad...

ah, grape juice.

good times.

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