Monday, September 21, 2009

such divided hearts...

frank woodley.
is a freaking genius.

and chicken tonight ads are silly.
but my sister doing the chicken crump is even sillier.
no kidding, i nearly wet myself.

but the weather wet me for me.
that was a weird sentence.

muffin flange.

that's a weird sentence too.

lol, if anyone knows what flange is (as in guitar effects/pedals) im imagining a muffin, making flangey noises. thanks to frank woodley, i can take no credit.

in other news, he accepted my facebook request very quickly and no, the girl in the pink dress is not his girlfriend. annoying how relieved i felt.

maths test today.
another C, no worries mate!

in other news, my feet are cold.


  1. rawr. im commenting you cos im cool.

    in other news, it took me ages to remember what my url is cos i cbf logging in lols. visit meeeeeee :D

  2. lol Frank Woodley. eating a muffin going Roowrrorororrorr.