Tuesday, March 3, 2009

one thing I've learnt is even angels lose their cool

I wonder sometimes, when I'm watching people. Just random friends, just total randoms sometimes.
What's really hiding beneath that hat, or that concealer, that smile? What's really going on inside of you and how long will it be until you snap? Snap under the pressure of whats expected of you, demanded of you. What you inflicted on yourself maybe. Troubles at home, troubles with money, troubles with school, troubles with work. How long can you stand up under it like atlas until you snap in anger or despair, like a spine snapping. How long until you are totally paralysed by the shock of your outlash?

How long can we really last?
My guess?

About 13 years of this crap.

And then Uni for us masochistic retards.

ps this is not directed at anyone, nor am i feeling particularly pressured, just observations and thoughts

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  1. some of my favourite lyrics ever:

    "I wear scarves and hoods 'cause they're the only poker face that I got left
    And everything I love about you is a mess
    Smash the mirror and break the palm reader's hand

    I am hiding in a hoodie, a scarf, a hat, glasses. It's a defensive mechanism. Oh, and I like to pretend like I look cool xD nah, just kidding i know i dress shitty =P