Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm forgetting everything faster than I can remember what I'm missing

I'm very sore...
My legs hurt, the muscles just higher than my knees.
Stairs are todays enemy I think.

And sleepiness.

How do you explain a shower to someone with only very basic english?
Someone who you is a total stranger, but going to be living in your house for the next week.
Exchange students are funny...
My sister tells me I have the honor of teaching her how to use the shower since she did it the last two times. Could be awkward, could be weird.

and then VELCRO DAY!
Well actually, today is already velcro day, but still.

As long as I don't have to work tonight, today could go well...
Anthony better reply to my message.
Or he will die.

I had a very exciting thought this morning, that as I got out of bed (well, dragged myself out of bed) she is on a plane, flying here, totally excited.
And I was whinging about cleaning.
I guess for us its our 4th time having an exchange student from japan or korea, so we've kind of been there done that.
For me it basically means I have to clean a lot, which is crap.

But thinking about that, her excitement and the fact that she is actually flying here from japan!
It's kind of mad, hard not to be excited


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