Sunday, March 22, 2009

cos you always pay for it...

3 years 10 months.
Thats 1096 (taking a leap year into account) plus 336 (the ten months).
So thats 1432 days left of being a teenager.
How hideous...
or is it good?
I guess it doesn't make any difference, I can't make it go any faster.
Im so bored

1 comment:

  1. are you kidding?
    being teenager = good
    i dont want to grow up
    this might be the last few years that we get away with lies (that reminds me of a song btw)
    and this might be the last time we are regarded as children and DONT have to take the responsibility for everything
    being a teenager means being able to do stupid things
    and get away with stupid fights
    and still come out of it better and learn

    Not being able to make it go faster just makes it all the more fun lol

    Enjoy it while you can. Next year you'll be like, "Oh dear God, I feel so OLD" and not at the same time
    im rambling lol
    cya round