Wednesday, March 4, 2009

so I turned myself to face me...

ok, this is going to be madly self centred and bitchy.
Brace ye-selves.

Sometimes I just wish you would shut up.

More than that though, I wish you could just relax around me. Relax and be yourself, stop manicly covering with useless musical information and that constant barrage of questions that has become your trademark.
"What chord is this?" "Do you know what key this is in?"
etc etc etc.

I promised myself that I wouldn't let it get to me too much, to the point I explode at you.

And with solo's coming up, your panic levels are through the roof and I can see why.

I've known for a while that your self belief levels haven't been good, or even average, for a long time. And I can see that they've slid further and further down, until you can't even listen to yourself properly to realise that you're a fantastic vocalist and musician.

All that browbeating in class is not for us organised types. Its for the boys in the back row.
Tune it out, before your brain explodes from overthinking.
But that's what you do so very, very well.
Overthinking, overworrying, overstressing.
Your worse than my nanna...

I'm not mad at you, it's just that with your freak-out level so high, you're clawing around for confirmation and encouragement exponentially more and sometimes, when I'm not having the best day, it's not that easy.

But I'm gonna do it for you, I'm damnwell determined.

I said you could trust me, that I'd always be here.

And I will be.


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