Tuesday, March 24, 2009

quietly and gracefully

There is something very nice about being a mime.
It makes me feel different, this non-speakage and white face business.
I feel more relaxed actually, free to be more over-dramatic and...I dunno how to say what i mean.
It makes you think about communication, listening and reading body language.
Some people (luvya kel) are mad good at reading our mimeish body language and others (-cough- tim -cough-) are bad at it.
Makes you wonder how much people are really listening to you when you do speak...
Makes me wonder how much I actually listen to people.

<3I love that you always understand me, you're golden girl, can't wait to be freaky clone twins.
I wonder how long our hair and face paint will last on saturday? lol probably not long.

I just wanted to tell you, even though I can't speak, that you are flipping amazing and awesome and lovely and cute and sweet and kind and a MASSIVELY FANTASTIC friend.

Oh, and your an island of reality in an ocean of diaorrhea, i love you buddy.


1 comment:

  1. You whats up girl?i uh, i dont know, i just wanted to say that uh, everythings relatively cool with me now. I mean, i just think, i think i'll always be funky, cant stop being funky, but i guess we just deal with it how it comes. Deal with the humps, take the jumps. i feel like you're an island of reality in an ocean of diaorrhea. And I love you buddy. Okay. Bye. <3 Cindy