Sunday, November 16, 2008

a second letter...

i owe you an apology.

im sorry that i have tried to pin this stuff on you.
As much as I think I would like to be able to blame you, I can't.
Im sorry that I let your little jokes get under my skin, I know you don't want to hurt me.
I'm sorry that I...that I based my security on your opinion of me.
That was dumb.
I should explain a little bit more.
I have this bad habit of getting my security from other people, particularly guys. Boyfriend guys... And even though I don't feel that way about you anymore and its been quite some time, I guess that little bit of it carried over to you as my friend, I shouldnt have let it. I shouldnt have let it exist at all.

I said that I needed to learn to stand on my own feet.
Maybe for a while i did know how, but i forgot...

im sorry that ive been so touchy, it must have been annoying lol.

I want you to know that as of now, I am starting to try and undo it...To stand up on my own again...well, stand up with god.

No hard feelings, I'm sorry that i got so upset at you, even though to a much lesser degree it was deserved. I think i had a right to be a bit annoyed, but not shattered like I ended up.

See you at school...


  1. if you are louise, is this to harry? >.<

  2. see if you can work out the order in which i commented your posts lolz...
    and who am i?
    WHO AM I????
    you should know >.<
    i just went through shazz's blogs and found the one where you commented, you had a picture of yourself for it and it keeps whatever you had, it doesn't change everytime... which is annoying when my name was my name on here..

  3. Yup, suspicions confirmed. It was directed at Harry.
    I are smart kid.
    Take it easy, kay?
    Try not to worry so much. It just does your head in all the more.