Saturday, November 22, 2008


Hello from singapore!
Here I am, burning time waiting until our group is supposed to meet at the sky train. Its actually just a monorail, but its pretty freakin speedy...
And as I often do when burning time, I am blogging.
I wish to discuss something more philosophical than practical however.
Seems like a practical point, its not really.
When we took off, and just the whole time, it was mad weird and amazing that we were actually flying. Like, for real in the air and over the top of clouds looking down on the world.
Don't get me wrong, I've flown in a plane before, I've just never stopped to think about it that way...
Sometimes when my problems feel too big, I like to sit outside my house and look at the valley. We have this fantastic view and its always helpful to remind myself how small i am in the valley, then how small the valley is in adelaide etc etc zooming out until I remind myself that the earth is barely a pixel in space and then my problems feel smaller again...

I like flying, I have some mad pictures to show you guys, but i dont have my chord at the moment.
Love you all, check out the team blog at

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