Friday, November 14, 2008

Why hello there

Hello there.
I honestly do not expect anybody to be reading this, if you are....yay?
I don't know what you should expect from this...I suppose rambling is to be expected.
And possibly song lyrics, of mine and not mine.
And random poetry proseish stuff that just seems to pour of of my head some days.

Those in my english class will sort of get what im talking about, like with Unto Us, and Eve. Where its almost prose, but not.
I tend to write a fair bit of that.

I also have no idea how often i will write in this, so whatever.
I expect it to be sporadic, as should you.

So indeed, hello!

<3 Glitter


  1. hi, you're in my english class and go to my youth group and i can't work out who you are... and you're following my blog. so who is this..?