Sunday, May 30, 2010

Truth be told, I miss you. And truth be told, I'm Lying!

Hehe, love the glee version of gives you hell.

This was gonna be another 'zomg I had another dream about you, how annoying is that' blog. Because I did, it felt super weird realistic, I woke up and thought 'huh, cool, that was fun. .... ... ... FAR OUT IT WAS ANOTHER DREAM!!!!!!' But anyway, I has more important things to say.

I have warm fuzzies to dish out :)

Dear Miss Mills,
You pulled me aside on Friday night to ask me if I was OK. I kind of am, but you noticing that I've been tired and a bit sad lately, made me much much more OK. You're like the lovely, protective big sister that I never got to have, thanks very much lovely.

Dear Miss Jeisman,
I hope your back feels better dear, and your heart too. I know you have been having a hard time with everything lately, but I want to remind you that you are Gods incredible beautiful creation, and God doesn't make mistakes. And you always, always make my heart smile.

Dear Cindy,
I am so unbelievably glad that we know the difference between grumpy and angry.
I love you :)

Dear "What's New, 'Lipton Chai Latte'"
Chai means tea. It was traditionally called Masala, first made and loved in India and South Asia.
Your presenter, lovely as she is, is patronising hundreds of years of delicious tradition.
And lovely as the drink itself is also, and as new as I am to it as well, Lipton? really? A corporation built on the back of slaves, rather literally. And maybe I'm being over-dramatic, over-reacty and a bit indie-pretentious about this, but at least hundreds upon hundreds of years of tradition have come down to hard labour and poverty, just so that you could have 'the perfect pick me up'. Maybe there is good in the world.


  1. but chai lattes are better than chai tea so nerr

  2. i love you more than words could describe. ♥ xo

  3. yeah, but do you see my point leish my love? And I'm pretty sure they drink it milky, at least in some places. Don't worry about it though lol, I was pretty much over reacting.

    Rachie, right back atcha beautiful, its all true :)