Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How can you be so dead?

I've written this for an english assignment, text production in order to escape poster making :D
i wanted to write on something I'm passionate about without being so personal that I didn't want my teacher to read it, obviously. So here it is, I hope you guys like it, or are convicted by it, or feel something in some way lol.

On Witness
I’m told I hold the dearest truth
And ordered to protect it ruth-
lessly, to fight my way to God
and honestly, I find it odd
to have so tightly bound together
sweetest always, darkest nevers.
we twist His words in such a way
dement, distort, til clear they say
'Thou shalt defend, contain, preserve
traditions truth, for we deserve
to have this newness all our own
and never note how much they groan
of Pain and Death and Poverty
we must push on!' as they decree
‘thou shalt not laugh, or dance or love
those heathen dogs’, while we above
sit smirking, sneering, truth withheld
yet burning rubber’s telltale smell
does drift its way to those below
they crane their necks, and soon they know
the tinfoil lie we forged so well
is deadly, as the gates of hell
What of the Truth? of Grace divine?
We’d rather have communion wine.
Hide here in our iv’ry tower
Not by love, but lust for power
Our own comfort paramount
Broken hearts too menial to count
As anything worth risking for
So we sing hymns and bolt our doors
And guzzling down salvation shots,
Confess our sins?! Deny the lot!
Never mind the falling souls,
Their desp'rate echoes through our halls

And yet, I swear I heard him say
As bold as brass and clear as day
That we must love, all people, deep
Validate their hearts and keep
the knowledge firm, that ‘we are too’
just as lost, and far from you
Imagine now, if you still can
A world, despite the fall of man
Where we could trust, and hold eachoth’r
Acting justly to our brothers
And share with all, this hope, this grace
See love colour every face
It’s not as far as it may seem
Not a fairytale or dream
But true
and real,
If we will

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  1. I LOVE YOU. it's incredible. you're incredible.
    i love the rhythms and conviction. it's passionate. it's you. it's amazing. i agree completely. xxx