Monday, May 10, 2010

like a dozen lies and a dozen more

English studies homework is like deep water diving without oxygen. Take a deep breath and dive in.
Hold your breath and don't stay there too long, or you'll die.

So basically, I sat at the computer desk staring at facebook for ten minutes before I realised I'd got out my classics book not my english.

Then I realised I had not in fact finished analysing my poetry, but was relying on the power of wishful thinking. shockingly, this has not got my english finished.

'i've been writing you a letter. about skin and bones. the internet. sometimes it begins, yesterday i saw a black bird in the park eating worms. and sometimes, it doesn't. these days it takes everything i've got not to burn down your house. rise up from these bed sheets in the morning to screaming. instead i fold paper hearts into paper birds. and other things with wings. sail them out our old-bedroom window. until collections of them. like memories of me and you. drop there on the almost-summer concrete below. false falling snow.' -



  1. thank you. x

    (should i admit that i teach english, and, so often am responsible for lots of drowning? you put it beautifully.)

  2. you're very welcome, I love your stuff. I often feel as though I should comment, but you leave me speechless haha.

    And thanks, very, very much appreciated. In my current frame of mind it means everything to know that something I did worked and made sense.