Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm awake in the infinite cold...

Love gives me hope.
It makes me want to cry.
Not in a painful way, not in a 'oh-gosh-i'm-terminally-single-at-the-age-of-seventeen-and-have-an-inkling-i-may-be-so-for-quite-some-time' way.

But just... just because...
I don't really know why actually.

Because they are beautiful, and some are painful.
But also because they are so real, I just submitted this one...

'My Pa died 6 years ago.
2 years prior a man named Roger lost his wife
My Pa gave his wife her last communion, the two couples were friends.
My Nanna and Roger found comfort, companionship, and a new lease on life.
When they finally sat together in church, she wore his ring.

Love in every season GMH'


  1. 1. GMH?
    2. I did that song for Solo Performance.
    3. I love your blogs. It's like diving into the ocean off a beach in Provence in the middle of summer with someone you're with just because.

  2. 1. GMH is a site, where people submit cute, or deep stories of things that give them hope.
    It's beautiful.
    2. I assume you mean 'only hope'? I wish I could have heard you, I'm sure it was incredble, like you always are.
    3. Thankyou sweetness, I love you! Lets go dive into the ocean, yesyes??