Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm a little more than useless

Sitting in the library trying to do modern in the middle double today, it came to my attention that today is 'brainwash the year nine ignites' day. This consisted of them filling the glass class room and listening to two men talk a little over loudly. My opinion of these men and this process was not helped by the fact that one was a semi-evil looking american man who bore an eerie resemblance to the cartoon version of Cronos, and the other pretending to be some type of NASA man. He was australian. This feels a little inconsistent.

The thing that bugged me though, was the way they treated year twelves when they wanted to use the tables outside the glass classroom. They used them for about three minutes, doing some stupid little activity that seemed to involved having pictures taken of them using post-it notes in some way saying 'go shaun!' Confused? Me too.

The thing that was irritating about it was the way they completely disrupted about five different hard-at-work senior students, with deadlines to meet. To play with post-its. And pretend to be astronauts.

It just shows something about the way this school treats its non-ignite students. And this is coming from an ignite student too. It feels, honestly, a little like once you're out of the official ignite program and you have not decided to be an engineer, a doctor, or a scientist in some way, they don't want to know you. All the focus diverts on brainwashing the next wave of nerds to work away making atom bombs and microwaves. Too far? Maybe.

I'm just frustrated by the fact that we've been told by teachers for years 'sorry, I couldn't get it done, I was doing year twelve work'. Told that we would be treated better, respected, prioritised as year twelves. Right now, it feels like a load of crap. True, several teachers are pure amazing in human form (looks at unbelievably wonderful drama teacher) but really, you couldn't mark our drafts because of year eleven work? Learn to time manage, thats what you keep telling us! I hate it because it's hypocritical of her. We slave away getting things done for that woman, sacrificing hours and hours of sleep and other subjects.
For absolutely nothing.

And I understand they have a lot on their plates, but so do we, and its that bit they don't seem to realise. They happily whinge on that they are stressed and therefore cannot meet the deadlines that they themselves set. So things have to be pushed back. Again. So we're behind. So we get blamed for being behind. Starting to see where this gets frustrating? And as for teachers that can't make up their minds, I'll leave those horror stories to Cindy and Hammy, but really. I cringe just listening to their tales of woe and teacher induced ridiculousness.

So, teachers who can't make up their minds or meet their own deadlines? Teachers who think they are more stressed than we are and decide to break promises, change their minds, are generally not worth putting up with. We are reaching the end of our collective tether. Soon it may be time to start peeling off peoples fingers to make it easier. You will be the first.


  1. If you are referring to the teacher that I think you are, we had the same problem last year. Frustrating. As you said, they keep telling us to time manage, but for some reason don't seem to be able to manage it themselves. I know they have heaps to do, but it's really stresful and hypocritical. Oh, The amount of times that I wanted to say something.

    I guess all you can do is get through the year as best as possible, despite all these inconveniences from various teachers. It's a tough year, but it's good once you get through it. Good luck.

  2. this sounds EXACTLY like us this time last year. the thing that was most irksome for me was a certain turkey look-a-like teacher telling my class that SHE was at the end of her tether. like she was the one fighting for her future career. crazy.