Saturday, June 26, 2010

Annie are you ok?

This is an ittie bittie study break :)

I just wanted to tell you about the mental image that is getting me through this week.
And no, it is not the sight of 'the beast' falling down an endless flight of stairs, I've hardly seen her in the last week haha. It's a combination of three people, two are fictional characters and one some of you might think is a fictional character, but I disagree.

The first, is Miranda Bailey, from Grey's Anatomy. Her role in this pile of mental weirdness is to be there to lovingly kick my in the behind when either I'm procrastinating like crazy and going to get myself failed real, real hard or when I'm going into a 'ohmygodohmygodohmygodican'tdothisohmygodican'tdothis' tail spin. Bailey grabs my chin, looks me in the eyes and says 'STOP! you are GOING to make it, now enough freakin out and PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER'. She is a little rough and tough, but she does it with love. And you know, she's frickin awesome.

Second is the Doctor. No prizes for guessing this one haha. It's either Matt Smith or David Tennant depending on my mood. Whichever one tells me to be brilliant, to be the best of humanity and all the brilliant pep-talk stuff that they give humans and gives me the best hug ever, because every single one of the Doctor's hugs are the best ones ever hehe. Oh, and don't blink, of course.

And who's the third one I hear you ask? Jesus. Jesus doesn't say heaps, he just kinda sits near me while I'm studying, or in the exams themselves, he knows how hard I have to concentrate. He keeps himself occupied quietly, keeping me company and silently encouraging me in the deepest way possible. I like to imagine him sitting there casually humming four part harmony all by himself, absent mindedly writing a symphony, or growing a new species of flower right before my eyes. Sometimes Jesus is so awesome he makes it hard to study haha. I hope this last one doesn't weird too many people out, but at the same time, I don't really care.

In other news, I'm watching moonwalker. And absolutely loving it. My respect, appreciation and enjoyment levels for MJ just skyrocketed. I'm loving seeing him at least looking happy, like the bit when he's running around in the studio, that cheeky grin, I love it.

I guess in a way I've always felt a bit sorry for him. To me he always seemed...well sad, a little disturbed. I think I agree with his being cleared, I don't know that I think he ever actually assaulted little boys or anything like that, but there was still always something strange about his kids in the masks all the time and such. But watching moonwalker, and the scenes of MJ with the kids, it just seems a little like he did what I and so many people want so badly to do, he avoided growing up and kept a great imagination.

Maybe in the real world that doesn't work. But yeah, his apparent relationship with these kids in this movie, is awesome.

Oh, and the video for smooth criminal? My favourite, FREAKIN AWESOME

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  1. "it is not the sight of 'the beast' falling down an endless flight of stairs"

    I don't have much to say about the actual post, but that sentence had me laughing out loud for quite some time. Thanks for brightening up my mood :D