Saturday, June 12, 2010

We're going down, slow dancing in a burning room..

One of those stupid, explosive, angry, don't-speak-to-me-don't-touch-me, sit home alone watching crappy movies and eating too much because I'm bored.
It has been a while since the last introverted day, these days I seem to want to just run away from everything, to fly and be bigger than myself and be free.
Today I want to rug up and drink tea and not speak to anyone.

It is raining outside. My washing is outside.
I am going to pretend I have not noticed, because I really, REALLY don't care.

I want to sit with someone who doesn't want to talk to me.
And drink tea.

A lot of tea.

One of those irritating days where I actually don't want to do ANYTHING.
I do not even want to get on a plane and fly away, or pack my bags and drive until I run out of petrol and set up a life for myself there.
Ok, so maybe that still sounds good.
But you know...
grumpy day.


  1. A lay in bed and forget the world exists kind of day? I can relate, considering that is exactly what I was thinking this morning. Then I got up, made coffee and started doing things, the stubborn person that I am.

    Hopefully you wake up tomorrow and everything feels much better. And you breathe that sigh of relief, because it's another day, and it's a normal day.

  2. I had one of those above described days. I lay in bed til 3pm.

    P.S. you wanna sit and drink tea with someone sans the talking? I'm your gal.

  3. Today does feel much better thanks Jacynta. Spent church in creche, in a sand pit, with three three year olds. they're golden lol, always make me laugh :)

    Dear 'Anon'
    my goodness, you've actually been commenting recently!!! You must be doing some hardcore procrastination lol.
    And you make me think of Relient K lyrics 'this week the trend, was to not wake up til 3pm, took the few conscious hours that I chose to spend and slept away the rest of them'

    Next time this happens, I will call you. I will not speak, but I will make a cup of tea very loudly, and that coupled with the caller ID should tell you what is going on, and you can come over and drink tea and like, watch old Doctor Who or something...