Friday, January 1, 2010

We should be living like we lived that summer...

Okay, so its 2010.
so far '2010' is odd to write by hand, but good to type.
Hmm, highs and lows already lol.

First things of this year...

First Movie: The Young Victoria
First TV Show: Malcolm in the Middle
First Song: Woke up with 'Anyone else' in my head, but the first song I heard for real was 'New Years Song' by Josh Pyke
First Food: Nutella on Toast
First Drink: Non-Alchoholic Champagne
First Hug: Leisha
First Mistake: Spilling Non-Alchoholic Champagne on the floor after insisting 'No, its not gonna fizz up, I haven't shaken it!!'
First Word: Happy, followed by New and Year, followed by 'oh shit' in reference to aforementioned bubbly drink...
First Lie: 'My parents are just at a family friends place in One Tree Hill, staying the night'
First Blog Entry: This one :)
First Cool Idea: a story about kids in the old windsor movie theatre.

And the other important thing to cover?
Resolutions of course.
Now, seeing as its year 12 coming up, I'm not going to aim for anything at all earth shattering.
So I've got five main aims for the coming year
1. Survive, and hopefully enjoy myself
2. TER of 85 or higher
3. To always have time for the things that matter: faith, family, friends, freedom (I couldn't help but alliterate that one lol)
4. Grow wiser, smarter, gentler, stronger, kinder, braver and more passionate, not just older (taller would be nice too, but I want these aims to be realistic.
5. To be able to look back on this year and be proud of my hard work, the results of it, the memories made and the lessons learnt from the mistakes that I am no doubt going to inflict upon myself.


  1. I think I might steal some of your resolutions lol. They sound good.

  2. I think I might steal some of your resolutions lol. They sounds good.

  3. Grrr stupid computer....making me think that my first comment didn't work and making me post it again....*bashes computer*

  4. wow, you've got fairly good resolutions, mine are stupid like get more hugs and less facebook.