Sunday, January 10, 2010

I know I should have taken photographs

So today it was hot.
Flipping hot, 43.
Like, thats not right.
Today we were the hottest city on earth. Hotter than Dubai.
And how have I spent this historic day?
To sum it up, I have been sweating.
Sung at church, hot, sweaty, yuck.
Went to an engagement party, hot, sweaty, yuck (got to see my cousin though :] )
Went to work, hot, sweaty, shaking, light headed, felt like I was gonna die.
Then, the highlight of my day, a very early morning cold spa.
By cold, I mean 30 degrees, which felt really cold and was really amazing and gorgeous.

Funny how humans work, we just take it and go on with life.
We whinge a bloody lot (me well and truly included) but to a certain extent we just accept it and move 0n, knowing its just weather and will pass.
If only we could adopt that in other trials...

Dear Mouse living un-invitedly in our house,
I do not wish you harm like the malicious looking traps with the peanut butter...
The sound of mouse traps going off scares the life out of me, but I'm sure much more so out of you. I wish that it did not have to be this way.
Can't you hollow out a tree to live in?
Make furniture out of gumnuts and live the magical Beatrix Potter (PS what a wicked name is Beatrix) lifestyle and stop making me nervous by scuttling repeatedly between the TV and the DVD holder thing. You make me afraid to walk around in bare feet, one of my favourite things to do.
Please consider the gumnut furniture offer, I will send a badger and some pixies to help.


I want a polaroid camera.
There's something about them.
Something so irresistibly artsy about polaroid pictures that makes me want to take lots and lots and lots and lots and write all over them and stick them together and make something really cool and crazy artsy.

I mean.... -cough-


  1. i have one :D
    well...somewhere in my house...

  2. I can't believe 43 degrees is hot when it gets that temperature in Florida we pray for 75 so we don't die of hypothermia!

  3. Heya Carol-Ann,
    43 degrees is REALLY hot, considering I'm in Australia, and thats 43 degrees celsius, 109.4 Fahrenheit apparently... does that mean more?