Monday, January 4, 2010

If you just knew, what would they do?

Another random story idea that I thought of.
PS If you've read this before, I have since been on a mad editting spree and taken out the ridiculous tense errors lol. So it will hopefully be an easier read now, eg it used to say 'I heard your humming long before I heard your face'
Now, it might just be me, but I think there's something wrong there lol.
As Day Follows Night

I heard your humming long before I saw your face.

In the tantalising maze of JB Hi-fi's electric selection of eclectics, I was completely at home; sheltered from the hideous chaos of the ravenous january masses, sequestered happily away in the alternative section. I was on no particular mission, had no time limit, a reasonable amount of money from my birthday in my pocket and no-one to say 'caaaan we gooooo yeeeeeet'.

The only way to truly experience such a magnificent treasure trove as this.

And then, as I was around the corner looking at Lior and Kate Walsh I heard you humming; penetrating through the clamor of consumers. It was as if your voice was the perfect frequency to make my heart strings resonate and hum right on back, in such delicious harmony.

You were what seemed to me to be near perfect.
Dark hair with a slight curl to it, either green or blue eyes adorned by fake horn rimmed glasses. Skinny jeans, dark green converse high-tops and a MUSE t-shirt clothed your gangly frame and in your guitar calloused hands you held 'As Day Follows Night'. As if you weren't cool enough already, on your hand you had a WWJD bracelet and a 'True Love Waits' ring and you were humming 'Do you know what I'm seeing' by Panic at the Disco.

I knew I should have just kept quiet, but 'As Day Follows Night' should never be a persons first experience of Sarah Blasko, its a little too weird for a start out.
And so I told you this, or rather asked you

'Have you heard much of her other stuff?'

'Sorry if I'm being intrusive, but as an intense lover of Sarah Blasko, I wouldn't recommend starting out with that one, its a little bit weird. I'd probably go with the Overture and the Underscore, her first album.'
'Oh cool, cheers. Though I can't say I'm particularly afraid of weird.' A little restless laugh here and a smile that I hope is not too adoring, I'm just glad he didn't ignore me or swear at me.

'So the Overture and the Underscore you say? I have heard a bit of it, but not a lot. I remember hearing 'Don't you ever' on Triple J a lot, and a couple others I think.'

'Mmm, Don't You Ever is Overture, but What The Sea Wants The Sea Will Have is the one that won the ARIA.'

And so we continued on discussing music for about ten minutes until, glancing at the CD again, you announced you'd buy it.
I replied 'Oh, cool' rather regretting that this would be the end of our exchange.
Obviously I hid my disappointment poorly, because you gave me a slightly odd look. Casting your gaze toward the epic cue, you turned back to me and for reasons that will hide beyond the ring of my comprehension forever, you spoke in that gorgeous voice of yours.
'Want to continue this conversation in the queue?'
I most certainly did, and it seems so did you.
We continued to talk of music, movies, TV and eventually onto things of real substance, politics, faith, human nature and many other things as we continued from queue to coffee to the bus ride home (once I discovered he lived not two minutes from me), leading to phone numbers, emails, facebook, strong friendship and well...I'm not one to kiss and tell ;)

We met in JB Hi-fi, i heard him humming long before I saw his face...'

Disclaimer: This is,unfortunately not true lol.


  1. It's totally suckish that it's not real :(

    loved it!!! you use big words, girl

  2. siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

    -that's all.

  3. :) Apart from the ficticiousness, that is one awesome story that made me smile very muchly.