Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I must become a lion hearted girl...

ready for a fight?

So tomorrow it starts, finally.
The suspense has been, and still is, near intolerable.
I know its silly to say that so far that's the worst part of the school year, seeing as thats essentially the only part of the school year so far.
But I feel... restless, and helpless, like I'm stuck in limbo waiting for something to happen and there's nothing I can do about it but wait.

Five Goals for tomorrow:
1. Be On Time (to everything)
2. Do not hyperventilate
3. Do not scream or cry at any point
4. Do not forget anything
5. Do not instantly hate our new homegroup teacher.

Please no-one point out that some of these are highly unlikely...

Things I'm not looking forward to:
1. The performing arts being screwed to hell
2. Meeting our new homegroup teacher
3. Carrying a school bag on my sunburn
4. Facing up to the fact that this is actually real.
5. Getting up in time.

Wanna know something interesting?
Number four (the second number four) is by far the most difficult to do.
We have been talking about this year for SUCH a long time, a huuuugely long time.
One of those things that you talk and talk and talk about but you never expect it to ACTUALLY happen. One of those things that if it were up to us to make it happen, I dunno that it would.
But its not up to us is it, it's up to the passage of time, which is you know. Unforgiving and unyielding and whatnot.

So tomorrow it becomes real.



  1. I know you're already at school, but I guess you'll get this when you're home.
    The first day is generally the one where you worry the most, when really it'll be one of the easiest days of the year. It's draining and there's so much to take in, so many changes, but appart from that there isn't really all that much. Well, I don't think there was with us.
    You got a new homegroup teacher? Damn, that really sucks. We resented ours, so much. Wouldn't give him a moment's notice or control over us. After four years with the one teacher, we couldn't accept that change.
    I hope it all goes well for you though. It was one hell of a year. Now that it's over we can look back on it and laugh. If you're ever down, just remember that. No matter how hard or how horrible certain moments seemed to us at the time, we can still look back on so many of them and laugh. The results and memories were worth all of it.

  2. Thanks Jacynta, I'll try to remember that. At the moment I feel OK about it, the worst thing so far is that I found out the exact dates for my multitude of extra drama rehearsals and I dunno how my boss is gonna take it, but he can suck it.
    The whole new homegroup teacher thing has actually turned out about a BILLION times better than I anticipated, due to the fact that we've got Ms Mudie :D :D :D
    I do feel very drained, but mostly because I'm sick and also sunburnt, which reaaally sucks.
    Hopefully it will clear up soon.
    Anyway, thanks for the encouragement :)

  3. well you were late for at least one thing. lol. but hey, meeting for breakfast meant you weren't late for school so thats a plus right?

    we shall be fine. i think. i hope... :S

    love youuuuuu

  4. Does anyone else feel like they had the worst last first day ever? Or is it just me?