Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happiness hit her like a bullet in the head...

Ok, so I've done two things that I was totally NOT going to.
Ok, actually three, but the first two pretty much merge into one, so I'm gonna call it two because its less horrible. Ok it still is three bceause there's another one lol.

So, 1. I fell as I tried to jog up the stairs at marketplace church tonight, it was hilarious and only Hannah Keane is brave enough to agree with me to my face lol, or at least the only one to do it more than once and make a massive in joke of it.

2. I have totally found a new one of he who fell from the stars in my eyes, a new statue for my pedestal. I know for a fact that he would HATE it if he knew my ever so slightly excessive admiration of him, I know he would, but its still there. Not as massive as the original one at least, but there, irritatingly enough. When I said I could listen to him talk for hours, I meant it sadly.

3. (and kind of four) I like him. For crying out loud I friggin like him. He's smart, he's talented, he's genuine, he's got faith, he's sweet and he no-joke makes me laugh like a loon on loon tablets. I like him a lot, unfortunately. I tried to tell myself it's all in my head, but it doesn't matter even if it is, because I have to be in my head too. The fourth part is my CHRONIC daydreaming, and I suppose you'd call it fantasy, but totally not in a sexy way if you know what I mean.
Dumbest idea EVER.

So basically, to sum up my state of mind:

  • My own stupidity and over emotionality

  • School starting in three days

  • Living in a loveless world and a loveless mind

I'm not bothered


  1. naw...poor louise :(
    still think you should tell me who it is :)
    i don't think you're stupid, if that's any consolation, i think I'M stupid, you, on the other hand, most certainly aren't :)

  2. I'm writing a song about this.

    One of the lines is:

    'Why are boys just so damn interesting?'

    And you're not stupid. People fall in and out of love all the time. Does that help? Probably not. Ily