Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I am a rabbit hearted girl, frozen in the light

Doing the letters thing again lol.

Dear Mr Mad Skills,
You are fairly awesome at the cup game, but I am much more awesomer, and this made me grin ear to ear like a mad thing. Ok, rephrase that, like myself; a loon on loon tablets.
I would very much like to see you again, but I am unsure if this is because I'm all 'has a slight crush on you and is a retard' or because you are genuinely nice to be around. Hmm, strokes beard.
In the future, please try to be less good-looking and funny, k?

Dear Illness,
You make me want to crawl into a hole and die.
Feel free to do this without me.

Dear Cindy,
I wish I could take this moment to say something heartfelt and encouraging, but I do believe I am much too tired for that. I love you? This at least is true, if very general.
We'll make it, ok? We will, I swear.

Dear Wifey,
Today we moved from our shithole of a year eleven sitting spot into the common room.
Your common room. For the whole of recess and most of lunch I expected you to come around the corner and shoo us out of your senior floor, back out into the cold with the other youngins, where we belong.
Truly this can't be real...

Dear Jelly,
See the letter directed at wifey.
And ad the following...

Dear BBLemu,
Your song is pretty, a little unbalanced and pitchy, but very pretty.
But not as pretty as you, or your smile, or your heart.
I love you, I miss you, and I'm jealous of your amazing TER in advance.

Dear Hamster,
You smell of broccoli and poo.
And yet I am still your friend!
Lol, I'm not very nice am i XP.
I missed you when you were being a hermit, it is good to see you and to know that I will see you tomorrow also, even if it is at Stabberfail. (I have changed it yet again, thoughts? We could always swap between stabberfoyle and aberfail?)

Dear Last first day of school,
You suck, and all the sitting on the floor in assembly made my back hurt.
I am glad that you are finished.
I am now very tired, but overall you were not too terrible.

Dear Bossman,
Please do not be angry with me when I tell you the dates I cannot work.
You can either deal with it and say 'OK' or get screwed, I will quit.
I do not want to quit, so option a?
Sounds good,

Dear Florence,
Congrats on your hottest one hundred achievements, they are well deserved.
I am indeed a rabbit hearted girl, I feel we should be friends because of this.


  1. yay for florence :)
    and to think i knew about her 4 years ago :D
    i quite liked the first day, i got a badge for being in year 10, how cool right?

  2. Dear Glitter,
    You are a pimple bum and a fat poo all in one. ;D (I'm hoping you understand the reference because if not I've just offended you and I didn't mean it like that. :P) And yet I am still am still your acquaintance! Take that, bitch. :P

    I kid, I kid.

    I don't really have anything constructive to say so ummm... pineapples?

    Love me. xx

    PS. Aberfail is pretty fantastic.

  3. You are super awesome! That is the sweetest message everrrr! Love you and miss u 2!

    PS. Don't mention TER. I shalst projectile vomit.

    And about my song... it is TERRIBLE!!! Ratsnacks, I'm remixing it right now. It'll be better the next time you hear it. Have you listened to my first song? It's called The Chase. I believe Flirty McFlirtenheimer has a copy... It's better. Than 'Time'. Which stinks.

    Much love.


  4. Dear Louisey,

    Yes, We shall make it :) and all shall be good and right with the world :)