Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why am I supposed to love if I don't want to?

I find it interesting. I'm watching Oprah, and they are talking to this author, who wrote some thing called 'eat pray love' about spiritual journeys and india and italy and bali and meditation and stuff.
It talks about slowing down, taking time for yourself and stuff, meditation, prayer and stuff. The author keeps talking about 'god'

I would like to pop into the the television and ask her which god she is talking about.

I believe that i know the one and only one, the true god.
But I would like to know who she believes she is talking to, and encouraging others to talk to.
What does he/she think of her? What is he/she doing in the world.
Does she know whether or not this god actually listens?

She said that 'god is the perfection which absorbs'. apparently a gnostic thing.

I don't like that idea. I'm slowly learning to disagree with people and I disagree with this lady.
God is a real thinking feeling listening talking acting being.
sure, on an unbelievably deeper level than us, but still.

I don't believe that god is just a blissful sponge waiting for people to sit there and clear their heads and be sucked on into his perfection.

I believe that he is jealous for me loves like a hurricane i am a tree, bending beneath the weight of his wind and mercy.
I believe that his grace is an ocean and we're all sinking.

he loves us, oh how he loves us


  1. and while youre disagreeing

    im agreeing

    with your disagreement

    haha. xx

  2. sometimes i don't even know if there is a god. and in those sometimes i get scared of who ive become.