Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I finally hit the crackpot
you finally broke me down
I'd give you every cent I've got
to wipe away your frown

My wasted hours haunt me now
as day fades into day
you called me 'stupid', 'ugly', 'cow'
they said its just your way

desperation drinks vodka from a teacup
frustration drinks bourbon from a shoe
I'd take all I had and I'd give it all up
just to get a little word from you

after seven years of telling me
that this is all ill get
you finally got your way my dear
so are you happy yet?

just so you know, this is totally fictional, the last verse kinda just popped into my head while I was watching criminal minds and it went from there.
so don't stress, im fine :)


  1. hmm... baileys from a shoe. interesting concept...i bet i could get you so drunk you'd do it. :D

  2. it seems rather...........depressing

  3. careful now dear :P

    and its actually from a youtube vid, very silly thing called old greg. the bourbon bit was my idea though.